Sunday, September 6, 2015

MycoKey 4.1

MycoKey is now upgraded to version 4.1, running under Windows 8 (and seemingly also Windows 10).

If you have already bought version 4, just download the new version from the MycoKey website. If you don't yet own MycoKey or if you have a earlier version, download the 14 days trial and check if everything is working. Remember to try to open the free Amanita species key, to check if the pdf-files opens as expected on your system. If satisfied, you may then pay the license and get access to everything.

MycoKey 4.1 is mainly a stability and compatibility upgrade. There are, however, some enhancements to the character coding and also a few new pictures, e.g. of Hirticlavula, Cephaloscypha, Pseudolasiobolus and Torrubiella.

Pseudolasiobolus minutissimus

Torrubiella albolanata