Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New book on Strophariaceae

Just published: a monograph of the Strophariaceae family for Europe:
Machiel Noordeloos, Strophariaceae s.l. in Fungi Europei vol. 13. 648 pp, 43 plates with line-drawings, and 377 colored photographs. Edizioni Candusso, 2011. Price Euro 69.--

This monograph combines up to date knowledge of the species with a modern classification, based on morphology and recent molecular/phylogenetic studies.

The book contains keys, descriptions and line drawings of about 100 species, distributed over 12 genera: Stropharia, Leratiomyces, Hemistropharia, Hypholoma, Deconica, Psilocybe, Pholiota, Flammula, Hemipholiota, Kuehneromyces, Meottomyces, and Phaeonematoloma. In additions most species have been depicted in colour, often with several photographs, in order to show variability. Micrographs of spores and cystidia are also given.

The book can be obtained from the publisher: www.edizionicandusso.it, booksellers and the author.

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  1. Leratiomyces, Hemistropharia, Deconica, Meottomyces, Phaeonematoloma. . . No way around this book!