Sunday, July 8, 2012

Napo River, Ecuador, Fungi Finds 2012

Napo River, Ecuador,  Fungi Finds 2012
In late May / early June 2012 we found some fungi I have not been able to identify, having searched through all I can find on the web. Most I can at least get to Genus, but not these few. Our location was within a mile of the Sani Lodge, 75km downstream from Coca (as the Hoatzin flies) / 165km river miles from Coca, at an elevation of 750 ft.
Perhaps someone here can offer assistance. Thanks to all.

I'll be back to post a note with a web link to many Ecuadoran fungi when I get all the images sorted. Lots of interesting clubs, especially some growing inside Tauga seed casings and inside cork tree seed casings. A beautiful place to photograph and study fungi.

FIRST Fungus
Viscid top attracted flies like a stinkhorn. Cotton margin was dry. No ring on stipe. Growing on terra firma in primary forest. It had the appearance of a small Lepiota. I only found one of these. The fourth image shows a red-eyed fly on the fungus.

A group of balls about 5" /13cm across in all. Firm, dry. Sad to say, I did not cut them open and the images are not crisp. These two images were taken within a meter of each other, so the fungi might be related. Notice the enlargement of the small balls appearing at the lower right of the conks in the second image.

THIRD Fungus
Very viscid, like a Hygrophorus. 2" tall. Growing on wood.


  1. Great to see activity in my old hunting grounds, but I cannot do much to help.
    Fungus 1. As you say lepiotoid. I have collected the same but have so far not found a suitable name (or genus).
    Fungus 2. Clearly Xylariaceae, and almost certainly Daldinia, either one of the zoned species (fx eschscholzii) or a non-zoned species (nicaraguense etc). Would need a specimen to get any further.
    Fungus 3. Clearly Hygrocybe, probably a species in the group with Macro- and microbasidia (e.g. H. occidentalis, there is a handfull of posiible species - normally not on wood but can be on very rotten stuff)