Monday, August 13, 2012

Napo River, Ecuador, Fungi Finds 2012 #2

We finally have posted all of our Ecuador FUNGI, Plants, Animals, Invertebrates, Scenics photos to a public Gallery at    and hope everyone will enjoy looking at some fungi which are interesting and beautiful and some which are possibly not common.
The Gallery is divided into Galapagos, Andes (Cloudforests at 10,800' and 4855') and lowland Rainforest galleries.
Comments there are certainly welcome, as are requests for additional views of some. I have done much web searching and asked my local California biologist resources, and have done as much identification as I can but will continue until most everything is identified as closely as possible. Thanks for any assistance!
We are eager to return to the Rainforest and Cloudforests to explore these areas more thoroughly.

There are a couple Mystery Fungi and Plants, including these, which are also in the Gallery:

The above solitary specimen was found in a very dark section of the forest at Sani Lodge on Ecuador's Rio Napo in June, 2012. It was attached to the ground, even though it looked like an upside down fungus cap. But it is strange and at this point I can not even claim it is a fungus, although that is certainly what it looked like. The cap was about 2" / 5cm across. Colors here are accurate. Yes, it looks like an upside down, broken stem & cap, but I do not think that is the case. I do wish I had more images of this one.

The second one, above, is certainly a plant at Wildsumaco Lodge and would be a Cuscuta Dodder if in the USA. But I can find no mention anywhere of a white one like this, in Ecuador or elsewhere. We found only one of these. Perhaps someone here has seen it before?

The third and final one, above, is probably a plant, or might be insect egg cases and is also from Wildsumaco Lodge. The cups are open toward the ground and are .5" to 1.5" tall. We only found them on one tree. I have no idea what it might be.

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