Monday, April 18, 2011

Ascobolus sacchariferus

Small apothecia on dung from Roe Deer. Spores striate, about 17 x 10 µm. Nice little guy!


  1. Great micro pics! The astonishing world of small coprophilous fungi. :)
    What do you use to identify Ascobolus species - this crazy world monograph on Ascobolus and Saccobolus (van Brummelen)? Or do you rely on knowlegde acquired by experience? ;)

  2. In MycoKey we have made a listing after sporesize, ornament and ecology (based on Van brummelen. I use this to narrow down the possibilities, then check for diferences in "the crazy world monograph".

  3. Come on Jens - this is not a guy. Fungi dont have sexes, and if they did have, this would be a very tight intercourse. So next time you should write something like "nice sex" This would also attract more bloggers!