Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring-fungus: Pezicula rostrupii

We just identified a "missing fungus": Pezicula rostrupii growing on dead Fraxinus near the type locality: 

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  1. The specimen was collected by a local very keen forayer (Svend Olsen). Verkley listed P. rostrupii as a possible synonym of P. aesculea that mostly has been recorded on Acer species. In fact the only material cited (with ?) from Fraxinus is the type material of P. rostrupii. Johansen - the author- listed three collections in the original publication - all from Denmark and all from Fraxinus. We find a better match with her description than with Verkley's of P. aesculea, but further work should be done in order to establish P. rostrupii as an independent taxon.