Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BMS spring foray 2 – entomophtoralean fungus

The most eye-catching fungus we saw today may be this crane fly killed by a entomophtoralean fungus. Any suggestion would be welcome . . .


  1. HI jens,
    Entomophtora major and E. thaxterii are known from this Tipulidae family but i don't know them

  2. See Mycologia 65(4)MacLeod & Müller-Kögler
    for a key to the species

  3. Hi Jens,
    I wish that I had seen that specimen (Don - Leica lens?). On 10/7/11 I found 2 similar but more heavily infected Tipulae in Lancashire. I suspect Emomophaga tipulae, they look very like E. caroliniana in Salmon et al (1988) Atlas of Entomopathogenic Fungi pl. 15, but do not have the literature yet. There is 1 cf. tipulae from England, it seems very rare in Europe. I will also need the stain aceto-orcein can any one help here? I am not going to buy (min. order 1 kg) from China! Just a sensible qty will do.

    Great blog Jens.


  4. The material went to Kew with Brian Spooner . . .

  5. Hello Jens,
    I have contacted Brian and he says that he thought the specimen 'looked similar to Eriniopsis caroliniana'. A problem seems to be the maturity of the specimen at time of examination. Does this change if it is left alone? The mycelium within the host must get all it needs from the host or from ambient moisture surely. Hopefully Brian will send me the up to date lit. refs.