Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Entolomataceae of Tasmania

The Entolomataceae of Tasmania project

Currently I am in Tasmania to finish a long-term project concerning Entolomataceae. Together with Genevieve Gates a revision has been made of this family, based upon more than 2000 collections that were made in the course of the past decade. Eventually the book will contain descriptions and illustrations of some 100 taxa, of which the majority is new to science, and the remaining shared with New Zealand. Numerous photographs will illustrate this colourful family, many of them taken by Michael Pilkington.
Some examples are given here
More information on the project, a preliminary key, and downloads of published papers to be found on the website.

Entoloma pruinosolilacinum Noordel. & Gates (photo Michael Pilkington)
Entoloma pruinosolilacinum Noordel. & Gates (photo Michael Pilkington)
Entoloma discrepans Noordel. & Gates (photo Michael Pilkington)
Entoloma rodwayi (Massee) E. Horak (photo Machiel Noordeloos)


  1. Nice. You say Tasmania share species with New Zealand. Is there no overlap to the funga of Australia (and the rest of the world)?

  2. Dear Jens

    Sure there is an overlap, but, since the mainland Entoloma flora is poorly known, there is not much information about the distribution in the rest of Australia. The same applies for the Entoloma Flora of the Nothofagus zone of S. America. There is hardly any overlap with the Northern Temperate species, apart from some obviously introduces species like E. saundersii, E. clypeatum, and E. plebejum.

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