Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bhutan 1

Arriving at Bhutan Friday to do teaching and field work, we (Thomas Læssøe, Morten Christensen, Mikako Sasa and I) made our first small field trip Saturday to the national park close to the capital Timphu.

This valley has the most impressive forest, a mixture of Quercus species, Tsuga, Abies and other trees.

One of the first fungi we saw was a young specimen of the heterobasidiomycete-polypore Elmerina holophaea.

An other very beautiful fungus in wood was Mycena leaiana with yellow gill edge.

On the leaves there were lots of small discomycetes and also this surprising "Mycena" which turned out to be porois, thus maybe belonging to the genus Poromycena.

The rainy season has just begun and we hope the next weeks will lure more fungi up from the ground!


  1. Hej venner. I commented, but seems that the comment was not posted at all ... Anyway, did you take a DNA sample of the Poromycena? Maybe it's closely related to Favolaschia ... I would like to contribute with fungi pics as well from the North, but the "nights" are still quite cold, so I think, I have to wait a bit.

  2. Right now we are not allowed to export material, so no. But we finally have the official documents for collecting, which is great. Seen more Poromycena today, also on Quercus leaves. It seems common :-)

  3. I have interest to make further research on Bhutanese Mycoflora. As I am from Nepal Himalaya and looking wild mushrooms since long, I would like to know the distribution patterns of some very interesting lichens in Bhutan. I am also interested to document the traditional knowledge associated with mushrooms in Bhutan. Hope, I will get such an opportunity in further days..

    Shiva Devkota

  4. Year, that would be nice. Unfortunately our project is on hold while we wait for further finding :-(