Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bhutan 2

Now we are a couple of days into our local Bhutanese fungal workshop and there is time for a small blog.

We have a class of six local students which are very interested in fungi (always a pleasure). Here Thomas Læssøe is giving an introduction to collecting with Mikako Sasa watching:

And here is our team discussing fungi in the afternoon in front of the lab:

Here some fungi (nice but not super-exotic): 
A nice Hydropus marginella with dark gill edges:

One of the numerous, unidentified species of Marasmius

A Calocera, maybe C. viscosa:

A small, yellow Mycena:

And  a yellow billed blue magpie watching:


  1. Wohoo, nice Marasmius! ... Am envious. Also want to take fungi pics. But ... it's snowing. -.-

  2. Snowing in june? Maybe you are taking your love for the north a but to far?

  3. Today, while crawling around the place where I'm working, I've found at least three fungal species, and behind the farm is an area that "smells" of Pezizales and other disco's (just have to wait a bit!) - and I managed to organize a microscope here in the middle of nowhere! ;p And even though it's f*** cold right now, I've hardly seen a country more fascinating than Iceland. :)

  4. You got the new book on Icelandic fungi by Helgi Hallgrimsson?

  5. Thomas kindly offered me to borrow it from him, but I didn't take it - I hardly understand a word in Icelandic. But it's possible that one of the friends of my employer has it - he knows Helgi and the book. Intend to use a mixture of MycoKey and Funga Nordica. Anyway, we experienced an almost snowstorm yesterday night ... (upload some pictures on fb).